Why Scrum is designed for misuse.

Street Cred I’ve been in the software development industry for 21 years,  using agile software development practices and principles for 14 years to actually deliver software.

Do Something Radical – Stop Preserving Your Career

Beware the language of powerlessness How often have you heard any of these phrases or perhaps  used them yourself: “Don’t rock the boat” “Pick your battles” “Keep your head down” “That is how stuff works around here” “These things take time” Within and outside the organisations I work with, I hear over and over again the language of powerlessness – the language of C.Y.A – Cover Your Ass, the language of the status quo.

‘For’ vs ‘With’ – usage on the web!

As I searched the web for images to use for my recent post on “I want to work with you, not for you”, I search google for “work for us” and for the term “work with us”.

Fab.com: It is a fucking startup and…

I read the post that Fab.com’s CEO – Jason Goldberg – published on his Tumblr site and I sought and failed to find a way to comment directly on the post.

What Happens Next: Introducing The Improvement Partnership

Following my successful and very insightful 6-week free remote coaching experiment, I am delighted to introduce a new service that is primarily designed for passionate companies who are committed to getting incrementally better – whatever better means for them – and who have tired of the buzzword bingo that is costly and generally ineffectively applied.