Mike's Office Hours

Would you like us to have a helpful conversation?

First though, go read about me here and on LinkedIn (if you already haven’t).

Great – I would also like to have a useful chat with.
My calendar is on the right there —> find a slot that works.

Here are a few things I can help with:

  • Tech options with non-technical founders .
  • Fellow founder advice on your startup – models, co-founders, funding, the entire shebang!
  • Troubleshooting your software/product delivery process
  • Tech industry career advice.
  • Building and nurturing professional networks to amplify your effectiveness.
  • Improving organisational culture to make it more joyful, deliver better and just be right!

What can you expect from a conversation:

  • It will be easy, fun and open:
    We’ll talk about anything and everything and go deep into stuff that
    you want to get into. That could be tech, product dev, bootstrapping, teams, testing business models etc, fundraising and most things in between.
  • Plain speaking and honesty:
    If you value this, you will get lots of great stuff. There is no criticism or judgement (isn’t there enough of that in the world already), but if my questions lead you to believe you should be doing something better with you

If this sounds like something you would find useful – find a time in my calendar to the right and book it.

NOTE:  This is not free – this is priceless. 
I do not expect anything from you for sharing my time, knowledge and  experience – simply a hope that it is helpful to you and that you pay it forward.