About Mike

Mike is…

A Very Human Being

I’m full of passion, ideas, hopes and dreams. I am magnificent with flaws and awesomeness in equal measure.I am ever curious and ever learning.

Just like you , really.

Father, Son, Brother & Friend

I believe that we are each changed by our relationships. Mine are beautiful and varied and deeply significant.

My relationships help me remain connected and well-rounded.

Experienced Coach & Guide

I bring over 20 years of distilled learning and experiences from working with dozens of businesses and hundreds of teams to my partnerships.

And I’m only just getting started.

Startup Entrepreneur

I’ve been learning entrepreneurship by doing for over 20 years, in services and in products. I enjoy the feeling of building something from scratch and imagining the possibilities. Amongst dozens of things I have failed at launching successfully here are a few that have some small success:

I’ve built:




I’m building:



I know how hard and emotionally intense building startups are – and I love to help committed founders – especially non-technical founders to navigate this space and find solutions.

Full Stack Maker

I’ve been building stuff professionally for over 27 years – a lifetime in computing terms – I can do and have done enough of everything from concept to cash to understand what hurts, when, why and how to empathize.


Driven by my need to see a world where people pursue their passions and seek joy, I connect, encourage, scheme and collaborate to help everyone discover and do what they love.