An Open Letter To Berlin

Dear Berlin, I wish I could say it was lovely seeing you on my last visit, but sadly not – and therein lies the reason for this letter.

The Scrum Steam

This exchange happened on WhatsApp between my buddy and I.

Tales from my travels: 50 Bucks!

I’ve met some of the most interesting personalities on planes.

Telephones in toilets

What is it with telephones in hotel room toilets?

[NSFW, 18+] Dear James Ellroy, fuck you.

I like to read.

The Princess and Frog

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Princess who met a frog.

FUALMO – The life lesson you won’t find on Oprah.

2013 has been an amazing year on many accounts.

Love in action… sweet :-)

I rarely publish the feel-good emails that circulate amongst family members, but this one was a gem.

The Art of Peeing Sitting Down

It all starts in Germany A few years ago I spent a few weeks working in Berlin.

Dear Jesus, Bless My Hustle

My bro sent me this video, I don’t where it came from , but I was laughing my ass off.

A Very Funny Chat – Warning: Adult Themes

I love the people I chat with on Skype.

The impartial assessor of mass.

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