Early lessons from my ’30 days of free #remote #agile #coaching’ experiment

In late December, I announced a really juicy offer of free remote agile coaching for 30 days for organisations willing to help me learn how remote coaching might work and how effective it could be.

Gifts in unlikely places.

Finding the right gift is a pain – it shouldn’t be, but it is.

Want 30 days of free #agile #coaching for your team? Help me on my project and it’s yours. Pls Share.

A little about me?

Why @whatsapp just became one of my favourite companies and I don’t even use their software.

I’m getting old.

10 #problems I need your help in understanding better.

I’d really welcome your help to validate some problems I see in various spaces and that I think I might have an idea to help solve.

@kevindewalt says passion is the fundamental key to #startup success and I agree

Kevin Dewalt – a really awesome startup investor and mentor and all round nice guy emailed me today about some of the lessons he has learned from offering his free advice service to over 150 founders.

Would you recommend a company you’ve worked or are working with to a friend?

The world seems all skewed to the ’employer’ – clearly because they are doing all ’employees’ a favour by hiring them 😉 But seriously though, I think it is high time that people looking for work should be able to easily search organisations seeking people to work with using recommendations, endorsements etc.

What Does Being A ‘Startup Founder’ Mean to Me?

  Over the last few months that I’ve been building my startup (ServiceChat – a platform to help businesses have better conversations with their customers on Twitter) – this topic has been my constant companion.

I really suck at finding early customers.

I meet many people who struggle with ideas for a startup – at least for one they would be ready to take a risk to explore.

Do you want to feel less isolated working on your own?

I’m a solo founder.

Lessons from why my startup failed: Know your mind.

I ceased work on ServiceChat – the startup that I have been working on for six months.

6 Weeks to Run My Next Experiment

The Story Whilst researching a post about Morrisons and its customer service on Twitter, I discovered that even though I could see all the customers that had an experience on a given day, they couldn’t see each other and at least one person commented on her impressions being totally different when she discovered the ‘big picture’.

August 3: I Failed. Do, Learn, Adapt and Repeat Differently.

  I am mothballing my ServiceChat startup experiment.

July 23: A Change to Regular Programming

When I set out to build my startup in January, we moved to Spain to immerse in the culture, learn the language and extend my startup runway by 4 month.

To Blog or Not To Blog

  As I explore the social media customer service space – trying to discover and connect, I am learning quite a bit.