Mike’s Office Hours

Would you like us to have a helpful conversation? Well, so would I!

Are you a non-technical founder who is struggling to get their head around the tech to make your ideas come alive?

Need some clarity on your startup or software product/service or advice/opinion from someone with 25+ years of making software?

Perhaps you are doing that agile thing and would like to bounce some questions off someone that has worked with thousands of people and hundreds of teams experiencing similar challenges as you are?

Or you are just starting out in your career in tech and would like some insight from someone a little longer in tooth who doesn’t sound like your dad?

Or maybe you are a manager or executive wondering what the missing pieces of the culture puzzle are – lets chat beyond the buzzwords!

Here is when I’m available. Book a time, show up and let’s do this!

NOTE:  This is not free – this is priceless.
I do not expect anything from you for giving you my time, knowledge and  experience – simply a hope that it is helpful to you.

Times are Central European Time (GMT+1)

September 2018
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