Month: February 2014

  • 5 Recent Things I am Learning from My Remote #Coaching Experiment

    5 Recent Things I am Learning from My Remote #Coaching Experiment

    I have spent the last couple of weeks on the road – travelling to spend two days each with two of the five organisations that are participating in my remote coaching experiment. The time I have spent face to face with these wonderful people has been really humbling and continue to help me validate the […]

  • An exclusive invitation to help me decide what to blog next.

    I would love your help in deciding what to write next as a blog post. I want to write things that  entertain, inform and challenge conventional thinking. On the following Trello board are the ideas I have to share – please help me by doing one or more of the following: Comment: what would you […]

  • An ever full heart

    My heart is always full. Sometimes my heart is full of heaviness – pain, despair, anger, frustration and little isolated envies. Anger – at the disconnectedness between our hearts, between us and the pockets of truth it space and time. Frustration – at the time we are wasting on being disconnected and in pursuit of […]

  • 3 Things #Agile Teams Can Do Today To Improve #Estimates and #Estimating

    Over and over again I find teams and organisations that have a chronic problem with ‘estimation’. It is one of the biggest causes of disharmony and mistrust in organisations I have worked with. Many tout ‘agile estimation’ as a process to help address this  and in some aspects it is helpful, yet many teams still struggle. […]

  • I have gay sex because it's legal and other stupid stories

    What really pisses me off about humanity is how  – in the same stewing pot – we have some brilliant ideas that move us forward as a species and at the very same time we demonstrate such rank stupidity and brutality that really questions whether we have moved from the cave. I used to feel […]