Month: March 2014

  • Why I might not want to work with you

    I pride myself on being able to find common ground with most people. To find the shared value and work with them to achieve it. The joy of working with people who truly value you and are open to ideas is unsurpassed. Exploring the challenges whilst still respecting each other, disagreeing whilst still collaborating deeply […]

  • #MH370 – Are we believing our own hype?

    As the painstaking search for MH370 continues and as families wait desperately for news – any news – of the fate of their loved ones, I can’t help but think we are in a dangerous mindset as a global community – that we are believing the hype of what we can and cannot do as […]

  • My day: The best app ever, meetings that work and The "Us and Them" messages in companies

    Today was awesome. Here ¬†are just a few things that I experienced. The Best App Ever I wrote the best app ever. Well, I tried to. My friend Violeta and I are working on something together and we prematurely decided to code something. As I started getting the decks clean for this new thing, I […]

  • Why You Might Need To Hire Differently To Fix Your Broken Company

    Recently I’ve been working on an experiment to learn how to help companies improve by working with them remotely. This experience inspired me to write about broken companies, where you can get a better idea of what I mean by ‘broken’. The difficulty I find most often in working with companies trying to improve themselves […]

  • Is Your Company Broken?

      Many companies are broken – some deeply. Yet, many remain profitable – thanks to the evil of ‘maximising shareholder value’ – profits roll in, souls and joy roll out. Others busy themselves with the structural preoccupations of ‘a real business’ – plush offices, sophisticated internal systems and fancy titles. All these add to the […]