Month: December 2015

  • Who is telling your story?

    Who is telling your story?

    I’m reading an autobiography of George Carlin – one of my favourite comedians.  This biography is much more than an autobiography – it is more like a spending an endless evening with George sitting across from you with copious amounts of whatever your choice of poison and hearing him tell you everything. Some of it sounds […]

  • Every kid needs to learn to use a toilet brush

    Every kid needs to learn to use a toilet brush

    I recently showed my son to use a toilet brush to clean up a mess he made. Of course he turned his nose up and made the face that says ‘this is a shitty job’. It is. Life is full of shitty jobs –  crappy things that you sometimes have to do as part of […]

  • The Process Delusion

    The Process Delusion

    We do Scrum (or Kanban or SAFe or..) How often have you met people – usually executives and management at conferences or other spaces outside of their company and they proudly proclaim ‘we do Scrum’. I meet them alot – not only at conferences – on planes and more worryingly in their own companies. It’s […]

  • Love with Dead Things

    Our walnut tree gives us lovely walnuts and dead leaves. Both are lovely in different ways. I actually love sweeping up the leaves, hearing them crunch underfoot and , occasionally, making art with them before they go on to the fire heap to get turned into another form of energy.