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  • Being Human

    Given the time in which we live, when all seems so dangerous and unstable; when the cry of the suffering seems so loud – yet unheard; when the tears of the broken seem like floods – yet left untended. It seems a particularly appropriate time for me to contemplate what it means to be human. […]

  • In the moment

    Looking out from my third floor flat , out over the lights of small town England. The lights, the quiet, the peace; a wave of humility hits me, a spontaneous connection to the human family and I cast my mind to what may be happening at this very moment, elsewhere in the world. Somewhere in […]

  • Can The Rich Help The Poor?

    Apparently there isn’t enough money in the world to address the serious problems facing the planet and its inhabitants. The serious problems identified include hunger, poverty, lack of education, disease and pollution. This is the conclusion of Professor Bjorn Lomborg, author of ‘The Skeptical Environmentalist’ and host of the Copenhagen Consensus 2004 – a conference […]

  • Death, you damn bastard.

    Death, you damn bastard.

    My friend has a deadly brain tumor. They have done all they can, and now its time to rest and await Death, that damn bastard. He is more than my friend, he is my mentor – the guy I looked up to for the longest time, though not of the same mother or father, he […]