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  • An Open Letter To Berlin

    An Open Letter To Berlin

    Dear Berlin, I wish I could say it was lovely seeing you on my last visit, but sadly not – and therein lies the reason for this letter. We’ve had a mostly cordial relationship these last 5 years that I’ve visited you – you never visit me – but that’s a different story.  My past […]

  • Tales from my travels: 50 Bucks!

    Tales from my travels: 50 Bucks!

    I’ve met some of the most interesting personalities on planes. Or at airports. There is something about the transience of travel that seems to bring out a form of casual honesty. One such encounter was on a flight from Spain to Boston. As we boarded my connecting fight to Boston from JFK, I took my […]

  • Every kid needs to learn to use a toilet brush

    Every kid needs to learn to use a toilet brush

    I recently showed my son to use a toilet brush to clean up a mess he made. Of course he turned his nose up and made the face that says ‘this is a shitty job’. It is. Life is full of shitty jobs –  crappy things that you sometimes have to do as part of […]

  • Why #Medium is not for me right now

    Why #Medium is not for me right now

    I love the wide group of writers on Medium. I love the writing experience. I love the reading experience. I hate the inflexibility of publishing. – No scheduling, no on-publish triggers to share on social media! I hate the curation limitations  – collections that take months for someone to read something and decide to add […]

  • An exclusive invitation to help me decide what to blog next.

    I would love your help in deciding what to write next as a blog post. I want to write things that  entertain, inform and challenge conventional thinking. On the following Trello board are the ideas I have to share – please help me by doing one or more of the following: Comment: what would you […]

  • Unlock the power in your old blog posts with 3 awesome tools

    I have been blogging off and on for about nine or ten years and I seem to have accumulated quite a few posts in that time. In the early days, I focused on human rights issues, military interventions and the games governments play. In recent times – with the Syrian crisis – I wondered how […]