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  • Awesome parking service at Malaga airport. Love this crew! /cc #shoutout @1_parking

    I had to park my car for a week whilst I was away in the UK recently. It would have cost me €75 one way for a taxi and I thought it would be cheaper to park my car for a week. I wasn’t prepared how great a deal I was about to get! After […]

  • Cheap At Half the Price

    By: Coffee Circle – CC BY 2.0 A couple of days ago, I walked into an outlet of a well known chain of Irish sandwich shops and ordered my lunch. As I am wont to do after my lunch, I ordered a single espresso to go. The lady behind the counter promptly setup the coffee […]

  • @Morrisons Customer Service: Fluke or Designed to Delight?

    As I was sifting through the data that Bizbuzz was providing about potential ServiceChat customers,  I came across Morrisons – a British grocery and supermarket business that has about 12% of the UK grocery market (source: Economics Help) I was looking at their ‘apology’ buzz – a tracking of how many apologies they are making […]

  • Why Current Ideas of Social Media Customer Service Suck

    Reach, responsiveness, engagement, resolution, impact, journey – these are all buzzwords in the brave new world of customer service meets social media. Undoubtedly, it has all the excitement of a first date – all that uncertainty of how to behave and what to say.  Despite being a new platform, the same rules  apply – being authentic, […]

  • Aerlingus Rocks or Linchpins are like Unicorns or 'How Mike Almost Missed His Flight'

    Ok, so I know I’ve bitched about the quality of Aer Lingus food in the past and maybe also about their tardiness. But, you know, when it really counts, Aer Lingus absolutely deliver. Above and way beyond expectation. Let me share my story with you. Today I was due to catch a flight from Shannon […]