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  • Passion, care and the Agile Manifesto is really all you need.

    Passion, care and the Agile Manifesto is really all you need.

    As I sat with a professional services team at my client, launching into my tried and tested description of what agility means and how to do it sustainably, the last 11 years of my life flashed in front of me and I saw something that I hadn’t realised before. It both scare and energised me. My […]

  • Make a donation and I'll speak with, coach, train or mentor your team for 1 day.

    Make a donation and I'll speak with, coach, train or mentor your team for 1 day.

    A gift for your company or team. If your company/team needs a spark to improve it’s delivery capabilites, perspectives, focus, vision, value system and (no tomatoes please) culture. Then I have a gift for you. I’ll trade you a spark for £500 before 5pm BST,  Thursday, May 12th 2016. If you or your company donate […]

  • The Process Delusion

    The Process Delusion

    We do Scrum (or Kanban or SAFe or..) How often have you met people – usually executives and management at conferences or other spaces outside of their company and they proudly proclaim ‘we do Scrum’. I meet them alot – not only at conferences – on planes and more worryingly in their own companies. It’s […]

  • I ❤️ Agile Testing Day Netherlands

    I ❤️ Agile Testing Day Netherlands

    I’ve just been to Agile Testing Day in the Netherlands. And I loved it. It’s been over two years since I last participated in any agile conference events. Back then I had felt underwhelmed by most things on offer. My head was in some ‘post agile’ place that I couldn’t find anything authentic enough to […]

  • Why Scrum is designed for misuse.

    Why Scrum is designed for misuse.

    Street Cred I’ve been in the software development industry for 21 years,  using agile software development practices and principles for 14 years to actually deliver software. I’ve been working with Scrum for nigh on 11 years now and over the last 7 years I’ve coached over 120 teams and worked with over 1200 people. With […]

  • Screw Fast Feedback

    Screw Fast Feedback

    Agile teams love faster feedback Or so the mantra goes. Legions of agile enthusiasts and countless books, conference talks, webinars and training course harp on about faster feedback as though without it the World would cease. In the fantasy world we – agile enthusiasts – inhabit, the faster the feedback the better. Entire hordes of […]

  • Want 30 days of free #agile #coaching for your team? Help me on my project and it's yours. Pls Share.

    A little about me? I’m Mike Sutton – a deeply experienced agile coach with a background in development. I have built products, led teams and small companies, consulted with some of the biggest enterprises and helped  dozens of  teams and hundreds of  people to work more effectively. I tend to focus more on people and […]

  • Agile coach as recogniser of courage

    An Audience for Courage At my current client, we have a weekly Scrum Master Community of Practice meetup. This week on the agenda was an experience report proposed as the results of an experiment. So far, so good. I was sold on it – anything with experiment that didn’t involve animals and/or genitals was fine […]

  • Agile coach as connector.

    A little story I wanted to share, about making a difference without realising it. Today, around lunchtime, as I was heading to the coffee area to get a cup of joe, I noticed a team (one I had met briefly) in a presentation. The title had caught my eye through the glass fronted room. A ‘User […]