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  • On Suicide.

    On Suicide.

    Might helping people who consider suicide, to feel less trapped and more in control, be helpful to managing suicidal thoughts?

  • There is no ‘We the people’

    There is no ‘We the people’

    There is a time between waking and rising. I find that time to be particularly full of insights and reflections. Today – I have been pondering this ‘we, the people’ concept that is often used to justify election outcomes. Democracy has become a popularity contest. I say ‘has become’ because I assume it wasn’t meant […]

  • 10 Days into #LinkyBrains and this is what it's about for me.

    10 Days into #LinkyBrains and this is what it's about for me.

    10 mad days It has been the maddest 10 days of my life and I’ve had plenty mad. Time to reflect on this LinkyBrain thing – taking in all the feedback  that’s rolling in from chats, blog posts and spontaneous conversations and I’d like to share them. Here are my reflections, 10 days in. LinkyBrains […]

  • Why Are Women Not Paid The Same As Men?

    I have been tip toeing around this in my head. I thought I knew why, but actually I think I’m as much a victim of my own preconceptions as anyone! So basically I’m zeroing what I know. Please help me understand. So here is my question. I am saddened by this situation and angry too. […]

  • Why We Need God

      This post has been 20+ years in the making. Earlier today, I watched a Ted talk by Alain de Botton and one of the points he was making was that Western civilization has become more individualistic and this might have something to do with how we view the attribution and responsibility for ‘success’ and […]

  • The Art of Peeing Sitting Down

    The Art of Peeing Sitting Down

    It all starts in Germany A few years ago I spent a few weeks working in Berlin. The work was through the consultancy owned by my friends Marion and Andrea. To keep costs low and to help make my stay in Berlin more enjoyable,  they offered me a room in their lovely apartment. Marion is […]

  • Musing on Citizenship-as-a-Service.

      I have a tax bill due. It is ‘tax on profits’ and while I have the money set aside to pay it, there is still a deep sense of hesitation to hand the money over. Hold up, here comes the science bit. Long ago humans became collectives to live and hunt together, socialise and […]

  • An Experiment for Good.

      This weekend I’m taking a break from ServiceChat. I’ll hang out with my family and go to some friends on Saturday for a BBQ and on Sunday, we’ll head to Salobreña for our first San Juan celebration (no , I don’t really know what it is either!). This weekend also, I want to try […]

  • There is no room here for your anger.

    I had a funny experience last night. Not funny “hahaha”, more funny “wow that’s deep!” Here is what happened. I had put my sons to bed and a few hours later, I went to sleep also. Then, at about 3am I was woken up by my older son, Ruben , falling out of bed.  I […]

  • My Exclusive Gift To You

    I have a gift for you. It’s a gift that was given to me and it is changing my life and my relationships. It has given me a language that I didn’t even know I didn’t have. For me, this gift is everything a gift should be. Simple yet revolutionary, beautifully articulate yet infinitely understandable, […]