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  • Joy and Genocide. Happy Birthday to me!

    Today is April 7th. It is my birthday. Today I celebrate making it to 40 years old, when 10.5 million males die – on average – every year before their 40th birthday. I am also celebrating because my life is pretty much perfect. Almost all my needs are met – save two. That is not […]

  • Why I might not want to work with you

    I pride myself on being able to find common ground with most people. To find the shared value and work with them to achieve it. The joy of working with people who truly value you and are open to ideas is unsurpassed. Exploring the challenges whilst still respecting each other, disagreeing whilst still collaborating deeply […]

  • Why We Need God

      This post has been 20+ years in the making. Earlier today, I watched a Ted talk by Alain de Botton and one of the points he was making was that Western civilization has become more individualistic and this might have something to do with how we view the attribution and responsibility for ‘success’ and […]