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  • There is no ‘We the people’

    There is no ‘We the people’

    There is a time between waking and rising. I find that time to be particularly full of insights and reflections. Today – I have been pondering this ‘we, the people’ concept that is often used to justify election outcomes. Democracy has become a popularity contest. I say ‘has become’ because I assume it wasn’t meant […]

  • Developer or Programmer? Why it matters.

    For nearly 25 years, I have been writing some form of software code or another. For nearly twenty of those years I was paid to do it. When I started I was called a ‘programmer’. I don’t know exactly when everyone – including myself – started using the term ‘developer’ as a synonym for ‘programmer’, […]

  • Heroin made Charlie Parker great. I want to be great too.

    Isn’t that the dumbest headline ever? I was 25 when I watched  “Jazz” the anthology by Ken Burns where he successfully introduces jazz  music to a much wider audience.  I love jazz and to be able to learn some of the dynamics of the bands and artists was hugely exciting. Charlie “Bird” Parker was an […]

  • Whose stepping stone are you?

    ‘If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants’ – Sir Issac Newton I have been thinking about this for a few weeks and it has been truly humbling. No one ever got anywhere without help. Every step of our journey through this world has been aided and abetted […]