Tag: rage against the machine

  • Musing on Citizenship-as-a-Service.

      I have a tax bill due. It is ‘tax on profits’ and while I have the money set aside to pay it, there is still a deep sense of hesitation to hand the money over. Hold up, here comes the science bit. Long ago humans became collectives to live and hunt together, socialise and […]

  • Heroin made Charlie Parker great. I want to be great too.

    Isn’t that the dumbest headline ever? I was 25 when I watched  “Jazz” the anthology by Ken Burns where he successfully introduces jazz  music to a much wider audience.  I love jazz and to be able to learn some of the dynamics of the bands and artists was hugely exciting. Charlie “Bird” Parker was an […]

  • What you get when you make smart people do stupid things

    This post is a little overdue.  I promised my daughter I would post her experience as she described it to me and here it is. My daughter Brianna is 16.  She is pretty smart (aren’t all our daughters!) and recently did her GCSEs  (the exams young people do in the UK after 5 years of […]

  • Why Sentiment Analysis is Promising But Currently A Waste of Time.

    I love you even though you beat me. Even though you don’t love me. Even though you shout at and deride my efforts. Even when you disagree with my existence. Even when you vilify me for the air that I breathe. I cherish you despite the cruel words with which you punish me. You cherish […]