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  • On #TED: Saturn and Silk

    My TED talks today are all about the future and how recent discoveries make that future every exciting indeed. They are also about discovering something new about some things that are very old. Here they are: #1 – Carolyn Porco: Could a Saturn moon harbor life? [ted id=551] I love that we are exploring our […]

  • #MyDailyTED – On Cities Being the Future

    I watched only one TED talk today and it was everything a great talk should be – insightful, impassioned, well delivered, humorous and deeply engaging. To say it has inspired me is an understatement. As a result of this talk I have some new and exciting learning to make and perhaps a new movement to […]

  • Breakfast with #TED: The Threat of Agriculture, Less Stuff and Hope for Veterans.

    For my TED talks today, I used the nifty tool on ted.com to pick 3 persuasive talks that made up 30 minutes in total. I love this part of ted because it creates my own playlist – no faffing. Each talk is not necessarily on the same theme and this is another thing that delights […]

  • Breakfast with TED: Trust, Memory and Gladwell on David vs Goliath

    For a while now I have developed the ritual of TEDTuesday – taking time each Tuesday to watch and learn something on TED.com. If you are new to TED.com – it is a platform for some of the most amazing explorers of knowledge and witnesses of humanity to share their knowledge, insights and experiences. Based […]