My tweets on 2012-12-24

  • @forakin oh ok. Fair legislation is complex in Nigeria even if you had competent legislators. Imagine if you don't. in reply to forakin 14:27:26
  • @forakin just trying to understand the context of the 'legislative fascism' remark. in reply to forakin 14:28:15
  • @forakin yes please. Is it online? Please send link if it is. in reply to forakin 14:31:06
  • @forakin i find that most govt. are not very good at saying 'this is none of our business' for stuff that really isnt. in reply to forakin 14:33:11
  • @mattgumbley you're welcome and Merry Christmas. in reply to mattgumbley 14:35:19
  • @forakin there is legislation required IMO. It should be the same as opposite sex relationships based on the same reasoning. in reply to forakin 14:37:35
  • @forakin i take that back. I dont know what the reasoning is. I assume it is based on love and mutual commitment not narrow moralistic view in reply to forakin 14:39:47
  • @forakin thanks. Will read later and comment. in reply to forakin 14:41:44
  • Havng moralistic laws does not make a society moral. If we take morality out of the hands of govt, who is best to promote society's morals? 14:47:20
  • RT @wfaler: @mhsutton morality comes from upbringing, family and local community. Anyone who thinks it can be forced on people from abov … 14:54:37
  • @SaintSal @1ila i feel sure it will be thoroughly lovely. my wife's family are with us in Ireland before we sabatical in spain for 2013. in reply to SaintSal 15:55:16
  • @SaintSal i would like to collaborate more with you next year. Must create the opportunities. 🙂 Buon Natale! in reply to SaintSal 15:56:47
  • @richardbranson @HollyBranson @sambranson kids grow up in love because you surround them with it. Merry Christmas Bransons 🙂 in reply to richardbranson 16:00:40
  • @SaintSal about 4 hours from Barca. 20 mins from Granada in the lecrin valley. we'll practically be neighbours 🙂 in reply to SaintSal 16:02:23
  • I love the #Samaritans, its been ages since I last called them, but they were lovely. Might ring and see how they've been 🙂 16:04:04
  • #13Hacks coming soon. 17:30:03
  • I have a gift for you this Christmas and for life. Try @Trello – its changed how I organise, it's given me superpowers.http:/… 17:35:06
  • Welcome to #shannonAirport and happy #christmas. This band is jamming! 19:50:31
  • i ditched #instagram, #streamzoo is cool (atleast until Facebook buy them). I really want something that I can post to my #wordpress blog. 21:27:03
  • RT @roxanamjones: The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebell … 23:14:17

Twittervations On 2012-12-23

  • @MollyJayne40 @TikkuMikku @RAtkinson1955 thanks. (i shall now brace myself for the torrent of RTs). in reply to MollyJayne40 12:38:08
  • It was so windy last night we had to cling film over the toilet. #noKidding. 12:40:56
  • Another thought I wrote down: Mounted Galway Hooker – its not what you think. 16:14:44
  • @johnsnolan disaster and classic comedy averted. Just. in reply to johnsnolan 16:14:57
  • As you decide whether its a digital radio or cheese-inspired socks for your loved ones at #christmas. Remember #syria, #haiti #palestine. 20:02:13
  • @MollyJayne40 @ratkinson1955 wow. What is it that makes someone throw caustic insults at a total stranger?
    Please stop. in reply to MollyJayne40 21:56:08
  • RT @dcancel: “Successful people pursue hard things. Unsuccessful avoid them” – Greg Glassman 22:42:26
  • Very strange. Just noticed 2 screws missing from case of #MBP. #WTF. Where can I get replacements? 22:43:43

What I Said On Twitter On 2012-12-20

  • @JohnFMoore @barackobama @whitehouse @un phew – I was being intentionally controversial – thanks for the reassurance in reply to JohnFMoore 12:23:53
  • @JohnFMoore @barackobama @whitehouse @un What of the #ArabLeague? what can they do? in reply to JohnFMoore 12:24:39
  • @JohnFMoore totally agree. Military only needed cos we ignored all the earlier signs that might have needed small critical acts of diplomacy in reply to JohnFMoore 12:27:27
  • Dear @barackobama
    belated congratulations.
    I would love you to go all out with your vision in your final term. Be bold, be brave.
    kthxbye. 12:28:58
  • @JohnFMoore thanks – that said, I often think that some 'leaders' can only lead in a crisis and so things allowed to fester until BOOM! in reply to JohnFMoore 12:29:49
  • @ideally_world oh, now I see. Thanks!!! Absolutely in agreement. in reply to ideally_world 12:52:50
  • love that latest #vlc update is seasonal #christmas 12:58:53
  • the bedrock of #politics is outsourcing. We (the people) outsource our rage, passion to these wordsmiths and emotioneers. 14:00:13
  • @JohnFMoore thank you for what i consider a huge compliment. 🙂 in reply to JohnFMoore 14:51:41
  • …and there I stood with bottle in my fist… #guysAndDolls #musicalThursday 15:04:59
  • we are in such a dangerous place,that we think govt. by politicians is to be trusted with both morality and taxes. That path lies folly. 16:04:03
  • I hope my tweets are not gloomy. They aspire to my perspective of reality. That we are beautiful, magnificent creatures who do dumb things. 17:35:12
  • @dnwiebe excellent observation. We don't only do dumb things. Just mostly. The rare not dumb things are magnificent enought to inspire hope. in reply to dnwiebe 19:04:10
  • To be fair, people kill people… With guns that are wayyy too easy to acquire in #america. 19:09:14
  • Saw the #hobbit. Not feeling as excited as i was with the first #lotr. Its like watching 1980 'Jason and the Argonauts'. 19:13:43
  • @WoodyZuill yes actually it was from the 60s. in reply to WoodyZuill 20:50:26
  • #AppInADayHackthon just started. I'll demonstrate how it goes in a little while. 21:27:09
  • @TikkuMikku or…I underestimated the maturity of his followers vs Justin Beiber's. perhaps the gap is not nearly as wide. in reply to TikkuMikku 22:29:06
  • @WoodyZuill Thank you for valuing my input enough to invite me to read and comment. Hope I made the sense I was intending. in reply to WoodyZuill 22:29:49