Passion, care and the Agile Manifesto is really all you need.

As I sat with a professional services team at my client, launching into my tried and tested description of what agility means and how to do it sustainably, the last 11 years of my life flashed in front of me and I saw something that I hadn’t realised before.

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The Scrum Steam

This exchange happened on WhatsApp between my buddy and I.

The Process Delusion

We do Scrum (or Kanban or SAFe or..) How often have you met people – usually executives and management at conferences or other spaces outside of their company and they proudly proclaim ‘we do Scrum’.

Do you feel appreciated, punk?!

Computer says ‘appreciate Mike’ Corporates are a funny bunch.

I ❤️ Agile Testing Day Netherlands

I’ve just been to Agile Testing Day in the Netherlands.

Read this before ‘you eat your own dog food’

It has always amused me when people – usually men – say their company or team ‘eats their own dog food’.

Why Scrum is designed for misuse.

Street Cred I’ve been in the software development industry for 21 years,  using agile software development practices and principles for 14 years to actually deliver software.

Do Something Radical – Stop Preserving Your Career

Beware the language of powerlessness How often have you heard any of these phrases or perhaps  used them yourself: “Don’t rock the boat” “Pick your battles” “Keep your head down” “That is how stuff works around here” “These things take time” Within and outside the organisations I work with, I hear over and over again the language of powerlessness – the language of C.Y.A – Cover Your Ass, the language of the status quo.

Screw Fast Feedback

Agile teams love faster feedback Or so the mantra goes.

NSFW: Why bad meetings are like drinking piss from a golden goblet.

Actually this post is very suitable for work.

Try These 3 Ideas For More Successful Employment Interviews

Over the last 20 years I have participated in countless interviews – even conducted a few myself.

3 Things Recruiters Could Do to Deliver A More Valuable Service

Recently I have been looking for some paid work.

‘For’ vs ‘With’ – usage on the web!

As I searched the web for images to use for my recent post on “I want to work with you, not for you”, I search google for “work for us” and for the term “work with us”.

I want to work with you, not for you.

What does ‘working for someone’ mean to me.