An Open Letter To Berlin

Dear Berlin, I wish I could say it was lovely seeing you on my last visit, but sadly not – and therein lies the reason for this letter.

How Sporty is Spain?

I recently took up running and had occasion to shop for running gear and suddenly I’m seeing people wearing “sports” clothing everywhere.

Who is telling your story?

I’m reading an autobiography of George Carlin – one of my favourite comedians.

Love with Dead Things


Our walnut tree gives us lovely walnuts and dead leaves. Both are lovely in different ways.

I actually love sweeping up the leaves, hearing them crunch underfoot and , occasionally, making art with them before they go on to the fire heap to get turned into another form of energy.

Are Netflix and other interval collapsing platforms dangerous to your mental health?

I just watched the entire Daredevil season 1 on Netflix in 3 days.

Why every business is a startup or soon will be.

Every business – however large and however profitable – is a startup.

Why I might not want to work with you

I pride myself on being able to find common ground with most people.

Shakespeare was wrong.

All the world isn’t a stage.

Musing on Citizenship-as-a-Service.

  I have a tax bill due.

Heroin made Charlie Parker great. I want to be great too.

Isn’t that the dumbest headline ever?

BBC and its biased reporting

I have been following the BBC reporting of the Israeli killing of 9 activists on board the Gaza blockade busting flotilla.

Is Obama the new Jesus?

Barack Obama made history.

Broke in a broken system

With spectacular size comes spectacular impact.

A Reluctant God

When you encounter an article that starts ‘What if…’ that’s the cue to engage your imagination and cast aside your preconceptions on life.

Man vs. God.

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