Month: January 2009

  • Broke in a broken system

    With spectacular size comes spectacular impact. The collapse of the global financial system is just that – spectacular. I searched for exactly what the ‘Global Financial System’ and was (un?)reliably informed (by Wikipedia) that is a system, operating across borders and nations, for the movement of money and other financial instruments. So, simply put, it […]

  • Who Pays?

    Israel launched hostilities against Hezbollah in Lebanon, destroyed homes, infrastructure and brought human devastation. Who paid to rebuild shattered buildings?Who paid to rebuild shattered lives? Then Israel had a lock-in in Gaza. It cordoned it off from the outside world (mostly, though al-jazeera still got real reports from their on the ground teams). Then they […]

  • Gutless Government Part 1

    I think someone changed the rules while I slept or perhaps I missed the class on Demo-Capitalism. Within a free market economy ,as the US and the UK claim to have, the market is king! It determines who profits and who doesn’t. Selection by competitiveness is proclaimed to be the prevailing law. Yet in this […]