Month: January 2013

  • Beach Huts. SalobreƱa, Andalusia.

    We went in search of ice cream as the wind blew and waves crashed. Across from the ‘Tres Hermanos’ bar was this beautifully contrasting structure with such striking colours.

  • A Nugget of Delight and Hope for the UK

    There is plenty to be cynical in the UK about these days, but during a recent trip (and farewell tour through my old neighbourhood) I found an unexpected nugget of delight that fills me with hope for the future of government engagement in the UK. Broken Toys and a Note I used to live in […]

  • #ReceiveTheGift Recipients Notification

    First An Apology Just before Christmas I made an offer to 15 people to receive a gift of a message contained inside a book. I had promised to pick those 15 from the respondents and let them know by the January 01 2013. I’m sorry I was didn’t do this as planned. Actually I did […]

  • Almost All Five Fingered

    A year ago I got my first pair of Vibram Five Fingers. Today I have 4. They have replaced almost all my shoes, as you can see the Converse All Star HiTops are still hanging in there – but not for too long. Vibram Five Fingers are, without a doubt, the most comfortable footwear I […]