First An Apology

Just before Christmas I made an offer to 15 people to receive a gift of a message contained inside a book. I had promised to pick those 15 from the respondents and let them know by the January 01 2013. I’m sorry I was didn’t do this as planned.

Actually I did pick the recipients at the time , but didn’t do the notifications. Many apologies for this.


Who Gets the Book.

20 people responded to my offer and to pick the 15 at random,  I used the traditional ‘name in a hat’ method – photos of names and hat coming soon!

Here are the twitter profiles of the people that will receive my gift:


What Happens Next

Over the next few days I will request shipping addresses from the recipients and complete the orders on Amazon the most affordable way that also is reasonably quick (3-5 days may) – after all you committed to read this in January!


How About The Folk Who Were Not Picked?

I am sorry I could not offer this pick to everyone, I really wish I could.  Here is what may happen…

  • They are really inspired to buy a copy anyway.
  • They go on the ‘next up’ list and when I do this again, they will get a copy by default.
  • They get gifted a copy by a recipient.
  • Something else I haven’t thought about.

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