Month: December 2013

  • I hate #privacy.

      Unless you’ve been in solitary confinement for the whole of 2013, you would know the big pink elephant in the news have been the ongoing revelations from the stash of intelligence data that Edward Snowden acquired during his work with the NSA. Working with Glenn Greenwald, Snowden revealed and continues to reveal the extent […]

  • FUALMO – The life lesson you won't find on Oprah.

    2013 has been an amazing year on many accounts. Most notable of these is that my family and I moved to Spain, marking a new and beautiful chapter in an already charmed family life. Also, 2013 represents the first 12 months of searching for a viable startup business through experimentation – well, almost 12 months. […]

  • What would you like to share/learn on International Collaboration Day? #iCollday

    International Collaboration Day is January 16th The other day as I had a long overdue hangout with Philip Dodson of @workhubs, Philip mentioned that they were doing some events as part of the International Collaboration Day on the 16th of January 2014. This event totally piqued my interest – people getting together and making magic […]

  • I take solace in the indestructibility of energy.

    One of my dearest friend’s mummy died this Christmas and I feel so deeply saddened to hear the news. It also touches that part of me that is unprepared for the inevitable passing of my own mummy. I take much solace from this. If you have lost someone you love, I hope you find some […]

  • The Alternative Christmas Message

    Today is Christmas day. The day, in the Christian calendar, on which Christ was born – bringing salvation and hope to the world. A day for family, celebration of hope and goodwill to all. Today, the world in which we live has no salvation and declining hope. More than half the human population lives in […]

  • Gifts in unlikely places.

    Finding the right gift is a pain – it shouldn’t be, but it is. My friend Søren has just launched a new product – It is a clever and useful little app that helps you give and receive the right gifts.  We were chatting about the challenges of launching a product and getting people […]

  • Want 30 days of free #agile #coaching for your team? Help me on my project and it's yours. Pls Share.

    A little about me? I’m Mike Sutton – a deeply experienced agile coach with a background in development. I have built products, led teams and small companies, consulted with some of the biggest enterprises and helped  dozens of  teams and hundreds of  people to work more effectively. I tend to focus more on people and […]

  • Why @whatsapp just became one of my favourite companies and I don't even use their software.

    I’m getting old. I don’t hanker after gadgets as much as I used to and I’m not connected to the latest app fads. Plus I wear crocs. But I read this blog post from the founders of WhatsApp –  a mobile app that lets you doing instant message to anyone in the world for free. […]

  • Just so you know – #agile training is *not* coaching.

    I’m noticing a rather bizarre thing happening in the agile services space. Trainers – certified or otherwise – are increasingly adopting the ‘Agile Trainer/Coach’ title. In my experience, trainers are not naturally coaches. I understand one reason why – it makes them more marketable, especially in a market that is full of ‘professionals’ seeking quick […]

  • What happens on #Twitter when someone like #Mandela dies

    I was going to title this post – ‘What billions of silent voices screaming at the same time look like’ – but it seemed too dramatic. As I was about to release the pre-beta of my new app Hashies, the news came on the wire that Nelson Mandela had died. I wasn’t particularly shocked – […]