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  • 10 Days into #LinkyBrains and this is what it's about for me.

    10 Days into #LinkyBrains and this is what it's about for me.

    10 mad days It has been the maddest 10 days of my life and I’ve had plenty mad. Time to reflect on this LinkyBrain thing – taking in all the feedback¬† that’s rolling in from chats, blog posts and spontaneous conversations and I’d like to share them. Here are my reflections, 10 days in. LinkyBrains […]

  • "Negotiating sex is rather difficult"

    "Negotiating sex is rather difficult"

    Even if you don’t read this post, go watch this: There is so much in the western media of sexual harassment and assault, so I want to also draw attention to this – I saw a recent BBC video about a secret ring that some women in Malawi are testing to protect themselves against […]

  • Day 1: I am Rohingya #51Days

    Day 1: I am Rohingya #51Days

    Today as part of my #51days act of solidarity, I shall change my twitter profile to ‘I am Rohingya” The Rohingya are an ethnic group that live in Myanmar – formerly Burma – they are mostly Muslims in a country that is predominantly Buddhist. For a toxic mix of reasons – ranging from religious difference, […]