Even if you don’t read this post, go watch this:


There is so much in the western media of sexual harassment and assault, so I want to also draw attention to this –

I saw a recent BBC video about a secret ring that some women in Malawi are testing to protect themselves against HIV from partners who they cannot ‘negotiate sex’ with OR even negotiate them putting on a condom.

This is shocking!

Men who practice unprotected sex with many other women and then come back to their wives – who undoubtedly know that their husbands are sleeping with other women.

Yet the wives cannot say ‘No’ or even require that their husbands wear protection!

If we are angry that Harvey Weinstein manipulated and harassed actresses to have sex with him or that a UK MP put his hand on a women’s knee or Louis CK masturbated in front of women without their permission – then what should we feel about women who are facing a real risk of devastating disease and cannot say ‘No’ to unsafe sex?

If this bothers you, please do something.

Watch the video, write about it, donate to something, share with others and bring some attention to this.

Please just don’t do nothing. Apathy destroys lives.

Thank you.

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