Category: Goodness

  • A Nugget of Delight and Hope for the UK

    There is plenty to be cynical in the UK about these days, but during a recent trip (and farewell tour through my old neighbourhood) I found an unexpected nugget of delight that fills me with hope for the future of government engagement in the UK. Broken Toys and a Note I used to live in […]

  • Waking To Her

    the sunbeam dances on the wall as i stir from my slumber lighting my return from night to day. the twilight journey was as a voyage upon hostile waters tossed about on an ocean of restless nightmares. as i reached her shore the calm, quiet like a walk in a grassy meadow full of birdsong, […]

  • A Question Of Humanity

    I have just read a photo journal of a retired Israeli physician working in the Israeli occupied territories of the West Bank. (Photo Journal ). The idea of this, seeing it in pictures and reading a little about what this person is contributing to a alleviate human suffering moved me to tears. It wasn’t the […]