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  • #MikesLongWalk: Join My Walk From Home

    #MikesLongWalk: Join My Walk From Home

    This Saturday – May 7th, my Long Walk on the Camino de Santiago will begin. As some of you know, I am doing this to raise awareness and funds for ME/CFS research (donate here if you haven’t: I’m doing this long walk because I was inspired by my best friend Joel, who is fighting […]

  • A week of amazing things.

    A week of amazing things.

    3 amazing things happened this week First – the fundraising target for my Long Walk on Camino de Norte was reached in less than 24 hours. Then I hired a developer to work on an ongoing experiment – SnaptimeApp – and this was the fastest hire on Upwork in 8 years of using the service. […]

  • I'm going for a walk

    I'm going for a walk

    The Short and Sweet Between May 8th and the 20th , I’ll be walking 214km 240km of the 815km long of the Camino del Norte – the northern route of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. I’d like you to support me and my selected charity and invite you to join me. Walking the Camino de […]

  • Love with Dead Things

    Our walnut tree gives us lovely walnuts and dead leaves. Both are lovely in different ways. I actually love sweeping up the leaves, hearing them crunch underfoot and , occasionally, making art with them before they go on to the fire heap to get turned into another form of energy.

  • Take Back Sharing: Why #Uber , #Lyft and #AirBnB are not part of the sharing economy

    Take Back Sharing: Why #Uber , #Lyft and #AirBnB are not part of the sharing economy

    Sharing is… a babysitting circle When my wife was growing up, her parents  – like many young parents of the day – needed to organize childcare. They were far away from extended family and only had other young families around them. So they organised around shared needs – all the young families needed to have […]

  • My Offer Of Being Helpful A Little Everyday (almost)

    My Offer Of Being Helpful A Little Everyday (almost)

    What makes the world go around?  I think part of the secret sauce of what makes the world worth enduring is neither money nor fame. I think that it is being helpful to other people – personally and professionally. One of my life strategies is giving freely what I have to get what I want. […]

  • Re-Imagine and Reuse.

    My bro sent me these images showing new and imaginative ways old products are reused. I feel very inspired – if a little inadequate a designer! What interesting ways are you reusing old materials? ps: I don’t know what the copyright status of any of these images are. If you believe any of them are […]

  • Wickedly witty caption seeks hilarious illustration for fun times.

    I recently saw ‘Tangled’ – an animated movie of the Rapunzel story. Very enjoyable. As it often happens, a funny visual came to mind and an even funnier caption that I would love to match with an illustration to make a single panel comic. To have maximum effect,  I don’t want to reveal the caption […]

  • What you get when you make smart people do stupid things

    This post is a little overdue.  I promised my daughter I would post her experience as she described it to me and here it is. My daughter Brianna is 16.  She is pretty smart (aren’t all our daughters!) and recently did her GCSEs  (the exams young people do in the UK after 5 years of […]

  • An Experiment for Good.

      This weekend I’m taking a break from ServiceChat. I’ll hang out with my family and go to some friends on Saturday for a BBQ and on Sunday, we’ll head to Salobreña for our first San Juan celebration (no , I don’t really know what it is either!). This weekend also, I want to try […]