Category: Wellbeing

  • Why You Might Need To Hire Differently To Fix Your Broken Company

    Recently I’ve been working on an experiment to learn how to help companies improve by working with them remotely. This experience inspired me to write about broken companies, where you can get a better idea of what I mean by ‘broken’. The difficulty I find most often in working with companies trying to improve themselves […]

  • FUALMO – The life lesson you won't find on Oprah.

    2013 has been an amazing year on many accounts. Most notable of these is that my family and I moved to Spain, marking a new and beautiful chapter in an already charmed family life. Also, 2013 represents the first 12 months of searching for a viable startup business through experimentation – well, almost 12 months. […]

  • My Routine

    I’ve had a few different routines over the last few months, but this one seems to have nailed it. I’m done tweaking it now and at least for the next few months, I think I can live with this. Hope this inspires someone. At the start of the year, I decided what was important to me […]

  • Getting Sweaty – My First Bikram Yoga Experience.

    Q: How do you take a 3000 year art form, freely practiced by millions and turn it into something new,  proprietary and lucrative? A: Simplify it and add heat exhaustion. I love food. Not in a pig-like ‘swimming in food’ indulgent way, I enjoy the pleasure of cooking, eating and socialising around food. Food has […]