Spoiler: This is not about Bill Cosby. It is about the usurpation of law to condemn a person by media without legal proof.

I watched the Cosby show as a kid. I – like millions of other young teens – wished he was my dad. But I grew out of that by my late teens for 2 simple reasons.

First – my own dad was actually rather cool. Sure he had his faults but he was my dad and I loved him.

Second – I hate to break it to you but the Cosby Show is only television. It was only actors playing feel-good roles. Make believe – la bloody la la land.

After that Bill Cosby became just another human on this Earth trying to not die.

Over the last few months, allegations – and that is all they are at this time – about sexual assaults and other potential sex crimes now seem rife about  Bill Cosby.

It seems individuals with all kinds of agenda and reasons are calling for Cosby be boycotted, hounded and illegally persecuted.

Now – more than ever – we have to strive to be nations governed by democratic laws. Because without them we have chaos of might over right. Without laws, we have the powerful exploiting the week. I lived through that and it ain’t pretty.

But we have laws so let us use them.

Charge Bill Cosby or shut the fuck up. Go grind your axe where you cut your tree and leave the man be.

The allegations against Cosby are serious – too serious to leave to the media circus. If the charges are true – his victims deserve justice.

If the accusers require anonymity –  the law permits anonymity in many cases – let them seek it.

No one  deserves to be accused of something and thrown to the media whores of popularity and 15 minutes of sensationalism. If you have evidence  – even strong circumstantial evidence – present it, charge him and let him face his accusers in a court. Otherwise shut the fuck up.

Also, silence is not a presumption of guilt. If Cosby keeps quiet – how on Earth does that prove he is guilty?

If Cosby’s accusers are worried about legal bills, let all the people calling for Cosby’s head in the press and social networks put their hands in their pockets and put their money where their venom is. That would make a tidy legal fund. I would contribute to that.

If there is a statute of limitations in the way – use your media force to have it overturned. It is possible.

If found guilty Bill Cosby should face the full brunt of the law, he deserves his name to be dragged into the mud and all his wealth redistributed to any confirmed victims as restitution. His age should not spare him, his disgrace should be total and irredeemable.

If found guilty, he deserves to spend 10 years per proven assault in a maximum security prison with a big horny man named Bubba and no lubricant.

So – stop this circus, charge Cosby or shut the fuck up.

Note: Comments are closed on this post. I don’t want to hear allegations. Charge him or shut the fuck up.