As you might know – I like to walk. So on the 10th of September I’ll be heading to Santander in beautiful Cantabria, Spain to complete the walk I started in June 2016. 

The Camino Del Norte starts at Irun and ends in Santiago de Compostela. It runs for about 850 km with 32 stages. In June 2016, I started the walk from Irun to Santander, covering 255km and now – like a glutton for punishment – I’m heading back to complete the remaining 600km over 20 days.


Because I can! I’m lucky enough to be physically fit and able to, but more importantly, I would like to raise some £££ in support of 3 causes I think need more recognition and support. I hope you can help me do it. 

The causes and charities I’ve chosen to support for this walk are:

Women’s Health

Endometriosis UK helps take women’s illnesses more seriously. They help families and victims of endometriosis take back control by providing support, services and community.


Sick Children’s Trust gives families one less thing to worry about when their child falls ill. Sick Children’s Trust provides a safe place to stay and someone to talk to, all free of charge.


Alzheimer’s Research UK is the leading charity for funding dedicated research into Alzheimer’s causes and treatments in the UK. What they learn helps the world understand more about this condition that is increasingly affecting more of our elderly everywhere.

Alzheimer’s Society are in the frontline of support and care for Alzheimer sufferers and their families – providing assistance, counselling and many other essential help. They also are active in engaging with policymakers for better support for this sector of care.

In my upcoming posts, I’ll explain why I chose these specific causes.

Back to the walk

At the end of each day, I’ll share with you a summary of my walk along with the route I took. I’ll also tell you a story of someone who has unfortunately had to experience one of these three causes. Through clearer understanding and increased empathy, I hope you can give what you can and more importantly share this we need to raise awareness as much as we need to raise money.

Camino Del Norte

There are many Camino de Santiago routes, starting in France, Portugal, and Spain. 

You can find more on the full route and gear I’ll be taking here.

Traditionally, pilgrims would start their ‘camino’ from their own homes. Millions of people from all over the world have taken part in this walk. Most people have a clear idea of why they want to walk the Camino de Santiago routes: for religious reasons, as a personal spiritual journey, for a healthy challenge, or just the social aspect. 

From my previous walks, I have felt a sense of community along the journey. You meet people, walk with them for a while, share moments together and then walk on by yourself. For me, that’s what it’s really about.

My Reason

Walking can be meditative. A chance to spend time with yourself and free up your mind from the noise of the outside world. It can be a way to identify what unwanted baggage you don’t realise you’re carrying. On this walk, I’ll be free of emails and replies. I can get comfortable with myself. It’s an opportunity to connect with whatever you need to connect with. 

Within these 20 days, I encourage you to do the same. Spare a little time in the morning before work or a half hour on your evenings to get on your trainers and try it for yourself. 

The End Game

I want to raise £5000 by doing this walk. I want to share stories and learn more about the challenges of endometriosis, dementia and sick children. I want more people to connect with walking and themselves.

And I need your help to do it.

Stay tuned. I’ll be sharing more information on the 3 causes I’m supporting, my prep for the camino and how you can get involved.


I’m just a guy going for a walk, but I know there are so many that are affected by these issues and situations that I am supporting on my walk.

If you have a personal story to share about endometriosis, dementia or supporting sick children, please consider sharing your story with me to bring more awareness, create more empathy and bring more support.

I want to tell your story.

You can share your story by filling a short form that will be turned into a blog post on this site, you don’t have to give any details beyond a first name.

I will highlight your story on a day of my walk – giving your experience space and exposure it deserves.

Endometriosis: click or copy/paste:

Sick Children: click or copy/paste:

Dementia: click or copy/paste –

Thanks for reading and supporting me and these incredibly important causes.

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