How does your company address its organisational history? I'm doing research and would like to learn from you. Pls Share

Hey, I need help!

I’m researching how companies address their organisational history?  Specifically I want to understand:

  1. How important do companies consider organisational history to be?
  2. What aspects do companies consider least to most valuable?
  3. What problems do companies repeatedly experience?
  4. How do companies practically address organisational history?
  5. What might a company learn from its organisational?
  6. How rich does a company’s organisation history have to be to be valuable?

Rather than a survey I would like to conduct short – < 30 minute – interviews with interested C-level management via Skype, Hangouts or phone.

If you can help with my research I would really appreciate your time. Please drop me a note via the contact form and I’ll get in touch to set something up.

Open Source Learning

Everything that I learn from this research will be freely available to help both the participants in the research and the wider world of work.

Please share this wide and far. Thanks

Featured Image By: Kathleen Tyler ConklinCC BY 2.0