Month: August 2013

  • Love in action… sweet 🙂

    I rarely publish the feel-good emails that circulate amongst family members, but this one was a gem. Who doesn’t love cute baby chimps!? A mother chimpanzee who lived in a Zoo died recently and one of the Zoo employees took her baby chimp home to care for it. It never crossed his mind that his […]

  • A Poem: I Wonder

    Even as you sit in judgement of my colour, my clothing, the way I walk,  how I talk, of my tattoos and my piercings. I wonder. Even as you deny my humanness and create for me a false history of menace and incivility from your dim view of something I said or didn’t say. I […]

  • 5 Steps to Becoming a More Effective Scrum Team

    I often get to work with teams trying to ‘do’ Scrum and after about 100+ teams, I can confidently say one fundamental issue comes up again and again as a key stumbling block to how effective these teams are. In this post I’ll tell you what it is and 5 steps to addressing it. The […]

  • Why We Need God

      This post has been 20+ years in the making. Earlier today, I watched a Ted talk by Alain de Botton and one of the points he was making was that Western civilization has become more individualistic and this might have something to do with how we view the attribution and responsibility for ‘success’ and […]

  • Exploring TripAdvisor's Top 20 Galway Restaurants in 20 Days

    I’m in Galway, Ireland for a few weeks to do some work for a client. The last time I was in Galway, I was here for year with my family. This time I’m here for 5 weeks without my family and no cooking facilities in my digs. Combine that with an allowance from my client […]

  • Re-Imagine and Reuse.

    My bro sent me these images showing new and imaginative ways old products are reused. I feel very inspired – if a little inadequate a designer! What interesting ways are you reusing old materials? ps: I don’t know what the copyright status of any of these images are. If you believe any of them are […]

  • Lessons from why my startup failed: Know your mind.

    Lessons from why my startup failed: Know your mind.

    I ceased work on ServiceChat – the startup that I have been working on for six months. It might not seem that long to you, but to me it is a very long time of illusions and self discovery. My learning from why ServiceChat didn’t go where I had ambitions for it to go will […]

  • The Art of Peeing Sitting Down

    The Art of Peeing Sitting Down

    It all starts in Germany A few years ago I spent a few weeks working in Berlin. The work was through the consultancy owned by my friends Marion and Andrea. To keep costs low and to help make my stay in Berlin more enjoyable,  they offered me a room in their lovely apartment. Marion is […]

  • 6 Weeks to Run My Next Experiment

    The Story Whilst researching a post about Morrisons and its customer service on Twitter, I discovered that even though I could see all the customers that had an experience on a given day, they couldn’t see each other and at least one person commented on her impressions being totally different when she discovered the ‘big […]

  • Developer or Programmer? Why it matters.

    For nearly 25 years, I have been writing some form of software code or another. For nearly twenty of those years I was paid to do it. When I started I was called a ‘programmer’. I don’t know exactly when everyone – including myself – started using the term ‘developer’ as a synonym for ‘programmer’, […]