I’m in Galway, Ireland for a few weeks to do some work for a client.

The last time I was in Galway, I was here for year with my family. This time I’m here for 5 weeks without my family and no cooking facilities in my digs. Combine that with an allowance from my client that I can only get if I spend it, leaves me with  no choice really – I have to eat out.

So over the next 20 days, I intend to have dinner at 10 choices from the Top 20 restaurants in the Galway city center area (because they have to be within walking distance!) and another 10  – randomly selected – from all the other 230. I’ll blog about each one and perhaps suggest an alternative ranking based on my own experiences.

The aim, first and foremost,  is to get fed and have a good time getting so. The other is to check how wise the TripAdvisor crowd is. Is their #1 really worthy of being a #1?

Join me as I eat my way through Galway’s most popular eateries, sponsored by my client.

Some of the first restaurants I shall be checking out are:

How I intend on reviewing these restaurants

Well I’m no restaurant critic – I lack the pretension that I can tell my wines apart or that my steak is blue, green or grass fed.

Frankly I’m going with trying to review the entire experience – from making the reservation to how welcome they made me feel, how lovely their food looks, smells and tastes and  how accommodating they are to my requests. I’ll include how they value my time (I get fairly upset if I’m kept waiting too long for stuff) and I’ll consider the ambiance of the restaurant and the providence of their ingredients – locally sourced vs otherwise.

Where I can I would like to hear the story of the restaurant – preferably from someone other than the owner.

If there is anything you think I should include, please let me know and I’ll consider it.

Wish me luck, I’m doing this for you (ok, who am I kidding)!

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