By: zoetnetCC BY 2.0

Even as you sit in judgement of my colour, my clothing, the way I walk,  how I talk, of my tattoos and my piercings. I wonder.

Even as you deny my humanness and create for me a false history of menace and incivility from your dim view of something I said or didn’t say. I wonder.

I wonder why your world is so small when your mind is capable of endless curiosity

Even as you condemn me for loving someone just like me, or for not loving someone just like you. I wonder.

Even as you deny my freedoms when recognising them makes you no less free. I wonder.

Even as you commit crimes against my person, my name and against truth. I wonder.

I wonder what crime was committed against you to turn your heart so cold when it seeks only to dance in the beautiful warmth of fellowship.

I wonder who judged you the way you judge me. Who didn’t love you the way I want you to love me?


I wonder all these things and and I am sad.


I wrote this in a moment of deep empathy for all of those who are the victims of the judgement of others – from Oprah to emos. From muslims to orthodox jews.

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