Month: October 2013

  • Off the Internets for 30 Days

    I’m getting off the internet for the next 30 days. Specifically I’m off Twitter, Facebook. I’ll stop watching the news, reading and writing blogs, watching TED etc. I will also keep email to a minimum – as in zero. Why? I seem to be spending a lot of time online. Tweeting, reading, learning and just […]

  • My Routine

    I’ve had a few different routines over the last few months, but this one seems to have nailed it. I’m done tweaking it now and at least for the next few months, I think I can live with this. Hope this inspires someone. At the start of the year, I decided what was important to me […]

  • Shakespeare was wrong.

    All the world isn’t a stage. In fact, it’s more like a wheel. And all the men and women aren’t merely players. We are hamsters; The same ideas and the same attitudes coming playing and replaying, over and over. Sometimes with a little altered, sometimes not. So much in this world is repeated and recycled. […]

  • We Are Frogs in a Pot

    Climate change is a no brainer. There are 6+ billion human frogs and untold number of other species in this pot we call earth and it is literally boiling –  slowly but surely. Yet, some are noticing it and raising the alarm, others notice and wish it would go away and , by simple reason, […]

  • On #TED: Saturn and Silk

    My TED talks today are all about the future and how recent discoveries make that future every exciting indeed. They are also about discovering something new about some things that are very old. Here they are: #1 – Carolyn Porco: Could a Saturn moon harbor life? [ted id=551] I love that we are exploring our […]

  • What Does Being A 'Startup Founder' Mean to Me?

      Over the last few months that I’ve been building my startup (ServiceChat – a platform to help businesses have better conversations with their customers on Twitter) – this topic has been my constant companion. I am continuously discovering what it means to me to be a founder.  There is no job description, no employee […]

  • My First Big Bike Ride

    After almost a year of having my road bike – that I fondly call Monsieur Defy – I have started exploring the great rides around where we live. I had done 2 earlier rides, a 3km down and up the mountain road to my village and an 8km down and up the other side of […]

  • #MyDailyTED – On Cities Being the Future

    I watched only one TED talk today and it was everything a great talk should be – insightful, impassioned, well delivered, humorous and deeply engaging. To say it has inspired me is an understatement. As a result of this talk I have some new and exciting learning to make and perhaps a new movement to […]

  • Daily #TED: The Rise of the Super Rich, Dancing Bears, Love and Thank you

    Today I watched 4 talks totalling just under 30 minutes. The first was direct and the other three where on a 15 minute playlist of ‘inspiring’ talks. Here they are: #1 Chrystia Freeland: The rise of the new global super-rich [ted id=1791] Since the 1950’s the rise of the super-rich (the top 1%) has been […]

  • Breakfast with #TED: The Threat of Agriculture, Less Stuff and Hope for Veterans.

    For my TED talks today, I used the nifty tool on to pick 3 persuasive talks that made up 30 minutes in total. I love this part of ted because it creates my own playlist – no faffing. Each talk is not necessarily on the same theme and this is another thing that delights […]