By: Dafne CholetCC BY 2.0

I’m getting off the internet for the next 30 days. Specifically I’m off Twitter, Facebook. I’ll stop watching the news, reading and writing blogs, watching TED etc. I will also keep email to a minimum – as in zero.

Why? I seem to be spending a lot of time online. Tweeting, reading, learning and just generally whiling away time. And I need to get that under control.
But this is not simply about time – it is also about dependence. This is also about freedom – unintended dependence is a horrible thing and I really can’t be having it. I need to know that I can decide when and why I go online.

It is also about understanding what needs being on the internet are being met and whether there are other ways to meet them.

Caveats. I work with tech and I also trade Forex. Both of these require connectivity and so I shall still be using the tools that I use in both of these endeavors. I will also use online search etc.

What I hope to learn: Why I go online and what needs of mine are being met. How can I be more effective at meeting them.

See you in 30 days. Maybe.

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