After almost a year of having my road bike – that I fondly call Monsieur Defy – I have started exploring the great rides around where we live.

I had done 2 earlier rides, a 3km down and up the mountain road to my village and an 8km down and up the other side of the mountain (towards Restabal).

But today I went a little loco and did the 20km loop Pinos-Restabal-Melegis-Talara-Beznar-Pinos ride which I found here.

I feel so proud of myself – my determination and my fitness – which I wasn’t too sure I had! So many times I wanted to stop and walk my bike and I didn’t – progress!

Here are the pics.

I don’t mean to preach – but please if you aren’t currently doing any regular exercise, consider starting. It doesn’t need to be major – just something that keeps you sweaty and out of breath for 20 minutes every other day. Life is more beautiful when you are fitter.

Do you ride a road bike, what was your first ride. I’d love to hear about it – tweet or comment below. Happy trails.

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