I have been following the BBC reporting of the Israeli killing of 9 activists on board the Gaza blockade busting flotilla.

9 people were shot and killed by Israeli forces. The Israelis claim there were guns on the ship – none have been found. Now they seem to be saying they had ‘reports’ there were weapons on board the ship and ‘ the use of force was the only way to stop the flotilla’.
Meanwhile – the BBC – in true ‘plant seeds of doubt and dehumanisation’ fashion report that…
‘Eight Turks and 1 Turkish-American were killed’.
Turkish-American??? Is that a nationality or are we now counting the dead by ethno-nationality. What is the relevance that this individual was an American of Turkish descent?
Is it so inconceivable that any other American citizen could act on their conscience and be on that flotilla protesting the imprisonment of an entire people?
It is my belief that the media and most commonly the BBC , use this technique to undermine the legitimacy of the individual by correlating their action to their ethnicity – when there is no obvious connection. It serves to reduce the significance of the protest or the power of the act. Somehow they deserved to be shot and killed because they were Turkish and Turkish-American. Somehow their lives are less valuable , somehow they are more expendible.
Do the BBC do this intentionally – I don’t actually think so. I think the instituationalisation of bias is so ingrained that they simply do it and no one checks, no one picks its up. To the reporter, their editors – it is quality reporting. All paid for by the UK tax payer.
I hardly read the news anymore from the mainstream – what passes for news these days has been put through so many filters of political correctness, national security, popularity etc that what comes out is dross. I have never believed in the BBC and its so called impartiality and it must surely be time for a new organisation – especially one funded by the tax payer – to be overhauled and manned by the likes of Robert Fisk, John Pilger and Mark Curtis – individuals who report what they find with equanimity and honesty.

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