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I’m sad I was too tired to wake up at my routine time and didn’t get to workout or do my language study.
I’m glad I was much more focused on clear outcomes and really fought distractions.
I’m glad I made time for things that normally distract me and I believe I limited their impact.
I’m glad that I did 20 pushups in each of my 10 minute breaks.
I’m glad I was much more relaxed today than I have been for ages. I feel less stressed than I have been for a long time – focus is great!
I’m mad that my test code for ChittyChat (which was a hack) leaves much to be desired and now I’m having to tread with care with the port to ServiceChat.
I’m very glad that @zurcherart, @auxbuss and @olaflewitz offered to help me to keep focus. Even if they don’t read this, I wrote it (which is what matters!).
I’m afraid that I may have to stop building ServiceChat (or another startup ) in order to go raise more cash reserves by consulting.

I’m in.

Desired Outcomes For Today


I came into today with 3 outcomes to try and achieve (the bottom 3 in the ‘Achieved’ list).  I created the ServiceChat blog from nothing.

Basically I was able to focus and manage distractions well enough that I achieved a fair bit more.  New options have opened up as a result.

3 Things I Learned

  1. Working for 59 minutes and taking a 10 minute break seems ideal for me – I’ll do more of this.
  2. Keeping a Gratitude Book – making note of things that I’m grateful for – I learnt this from the very amazing Deborah Hartmann Preuss (@deborahh on Twitter) – If you need a coach, she is one of the best I know.
  3. There is a niche yet untapped in the customer service world.  Most folk are still hung up on arms length ‘satisfaction’. Very little work going into ‘delightful’ service that is truly in the service of the customer.

3 Things I Will Improve On Before The Next Retro

  1. Do my hour of Spanish language study
  2. Do my 30 minutes of fitness workouts
  3. Read a customer service blog

Something I’m Grateful For

The opportunity to see the problem I’m trying to solve with ServiceChat everywhere and the privilege of being in Spain doing what I am doing.

Outcomes For Tomorrow

  1. Have  a rebranded  ServiceChat app that does atleast as much as ChittyChat does.
  2. Have 3 early customers researched enough that I can approach them.
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