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Imagine you couldn’t swim and you fell into a deep pool.

As you sped down to the bottom — sinking lower and lower, confused and afraid.

Your only hope. To reach the rocky bottom and push back up with everything you’ve got.
To focus all that you are into a single powerful purpose — re-emergence. Your hope is to use the support of the floor to fight against an otherwise sealed fate.

Defiance is the point at which you fight back and rage — with all your might — against death.

If you don’t make it to the bottom, to the your salvation and hope. There is no force to keep you alive. There is only Death.

Death. The end of your dreams and the dreams of others to whom you matter.

Now imagine that this pool is deeper than you somehow expected in your confusion.

You begin to slow down as you reach the bottom.

This place is Despair. It is a place where your fears and worries are at their most terrifying and where you are least capable to do anything about them.

Despair is also a moment in time. It is when you do not know if you will make it to the bottom — to your point of Defiance.

Despair is when Defiance is just as likely to be the next line of your life story as Death.

Featured Image By: db_in_ukCC BY 2.0

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