Get out the blankets, hell has frozen over. Radio the tower, the pigs are landing.

Today Mr Blair suggested in his latest speech, that the incoming Iraqi (interim) administration would His exact words – ‘The final political control remains with the Iraqi government. That’s what the transfer of sovereignty means.’ would suggest a scenario of Iraqi political control over US and UK occupation forces.

That is like saying the Vichy French government of collaborators had political control over their Nazi occupiers.

Either Mr Blair is

a) lying to maintain a failing facade of legitimacy on the occupation of Iraq; or

b) clearly ignorant of US military history – US forces anywhere have never, are never nor will ever be subject to any other political control than the occupier of the White House; or

c) absolutely right that all occupation forces will fall under the political control of the Interim Administration, he accepts this because the Interim Administration is neither elected nor accountable to the Iraqi people. They are all appointees by the Coalition Provision Authority headed by Paul Bremer. It would seem to me that the Interim Administration would be politically subservient to their defacto advisers (US and UK).

Whatever the case

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