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I’m a solo founder. I’m working on the startups to the right —>

I work from home in Pinos del Valle in Andalusia, Spain. There are 2 bars and almost no other tech entrepreneurs and most of my time is spent online – coding, research, emailing, reading, twitter or customer development – pretty much all online.

Isolation Sucks!

I love many things about being a solo founder – having my ideas and running with them and the freedom that comes with only having my own feelings to contend with.

I hate the isolation I sometimes feel, not having people in the same situation as me to have conversations with, share ideas and otherwise be sociable.

Let’s Lounge!

Are you a solo founder or solo worker, freelancer, sole proprietor or generally work without the comfort of a team?

Do you feel the same sense of isolation? Let’s do something about it. Here is a little experiment to see if it makes things better.

I’ll set up a team room on Sqwiggle for 10 days – a lounge of sorts. In the lounge:

  • Video is always on – you’ll see everyone else.
  • You can set your mode to ‘Busy’ – you’ll still be seen but no one will disturb you.
  • We can talk to each other, chat and share stuff. We can talk about anything – tech/sport/politics/religion around as though we were around the coffee machine/water cooler/pub!
  • Generally get on with whatever we are doing.


Fill out the form below and I’ll check you out. If you meet my very simple criteria, I’ll send you a free invite to the  ‘lounge’. I’ll only be sending out 10 invites a day, so please let me know if you have any preferences on days. I will not share your email or other details with anyone else. Ever.

My simple criteria:

  1. You should be an independent solo professional (startups, freelancer or some kind of sole proprietor). You’ll need to have a link to your startup, website or LinkedIn page that I can go check out.
  2. Please tell me something about yourself – so we can have stuff to talk about. I’m not knowingly going to choose people who don’t want to be sociable!

That’s it! Let’s lounge!!

———————– Experiment Closed ——————————–

2 thoughts on “Do you want to feel less isolated working on your own?”
  1. NReduce was a virtual accelerator, with weekly check-ins – I wonder what happened to it…

    For a more structured way to use each other’s (virtual) company, you might want to try setting a Braintrust. That’d help propel you forward.

  2. Yeah – actually this is the second reference to NReduce in a few hours. I will check what the archives say. I think they have folded, perhaps.

    Braintrust is a great idea. Might be something to explore if I there are some regulars in the lounge.

    Sal – thanks for great comments as usual!

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