By: Kecko

Check In

  • I’m sad I got mad with Katharine, it was a silly trivial thing that didn’t need to happen.
  • Glad that we talked about it and made good.
  • Glad that the surge of effort (I worked pretty late) to crack the twitter request functions of ServiceChat was successful
  • Glad I decided to use sferik’s twitter gem as readymade classes, saved me a whole lot of hair pulling!

I’m tired but content. I’m In. 

Achievements Since Last Retro

  • Completed major refactor of chat provisioning from twitter

How The Trello Board Now Looks

I Learned…

  • My plan for was hugely over-ambitious.
  • Capistrano can be a muthafucka!

I Loved…

Riding the wave of options that emerged by using the Twitter gem, working with (rather than against) the design that emerged was a total delight.

I’m Grateful For…

The open source community – I’m hugely proud of this community that I am a small part of, the sharing of ideas and the acceptance of each other’s abilities (or lack thereof).

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