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  • The Art of Peeing Sitting Down

    The Art of Peeing Sitting Down

    It all starts in Germany A few years ago I spent a few weeks working in Berlin. The work was through the consultancy owned by my friends Marion and Andrea. To keep costs low and to help make my stay in Berlin more enjoyable,  they offered me a room in their lovely apartment. Marion is […]

  • Wickedly witty caption seeks hilarious illustration for fun times.

    I recently saw ‘Tangled’ – an animated movie of the Rapunzel story. Very enjoyable. As it often happens, a funny visual came to mind and an even funnier caption that I would love to match with an illustration to make a single panel comic. To have maximum effect,¬† I don’t want to reveal the caption […]

  • Dear Jesus, Bless My Hustle

    My bro sent me this video, I don’t where it came from , but I was laughing my ass off. I guess if God can be asked to bless tanks and bombs, He/She can also be reasonably requested to bless one’s hustle! http://youtu.be/q4-Vx2Df9JQ?rel=0   Enjoy!

  • A Very Funny Chat – Warning: Adult Themes

    I love the people I chat with on Skype. Most are irreverent and simply don’t take life too seriously. Well, actually they take a small bit of life ¬†very seriously. It was my friend Tommy’s birthday and I skyped him to wish him well (to be honest I was prompted by Skype – a feature […]