I recently saw ‘Tangled’ – an animated movie of the Rapunzel story. Very enjoyable.

As it often happens, a funny visual came to mind and an even funnier caption that I would love to match with an illustration to make a single panel comic.

To have maximum effect,  I don’t want to reveal the caption until it is paired with just the right illustration.

As a starting point – I had a Larson-esque style comic in mind, but I’m open to other styles.

Have you got illustrative skills or do you know someone who does and who might be willing to do this for free?  Drop me a comment or tweet me.

What is in it for the artist?

Well,  you get to collaborate on something fairly hilarious.
Lots of people will see it (well, a few really cool people at least)
Also, you get to co-own its copyright (if that floats your boat – although I’m happy to make it CC with attribution)

And if it works out we could make it a regular thing. Who knows where it might lead and who doubts it will be fun getting there?

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