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  • Day 1: I am Rohingya #51Days

    Day 1: I am Rohingya #51Days

    Today as part of my #51days act of solidarity, I shall change my twitter profile to ‘I am Rohingya” The Rohingya are an ethnic group that live in Myanmar – formerly Burma – they are mostly Muslims in a country that is predominantly Buddhist. For a toxic mix of reasons – ranging from religious difference, […]

  • 51 days of solidarity and advocacy.

    There are 51 days until Christmas 2016. For each of those days,I will change my name on Twitter to reflect a cause I want to support and bring some attention in a small way. Why? There is so much wrong with the world. There is so much that is right too. We are each nodes […]

  • What happens on #Twitter when someone like #Mandela dies

    I was going to title this post – ‘What billions of silent voices screaming at the same time look like’ – but it seemed too dramatic. As I was about to release the pre-beta of my new app Hashies, the news came on the wire that Nelson Mandela had died. I wasn’t particularly shocked – […]

  • 10 things I learnt from being off the Internets for 30 days.

      I took 30 days off all social media and most of the distracting internet. That really meant – no Twitter, no Facebook , no LinkedIn and most news sites were off. The only things in were Github and stackoverflow and a handful of other sites directly connected to my work. Here are some insights […]

  • Off the Internets for 30 Days

    I’m getting off the internet for the next 30 days. Specifically I’m off Twitter, Facebook. I’ll stop watching the news, reading and writing blogs, watching TED etc. I will also keep email to a minimum – as in zero. Why? I seem to be spending a lot of time online. Tweeting, reading, learning and just […]

  • May 28 – Data is Fascinating

    Yesterday I think I’m back in my stride! Having got bizbuzz online, the data is flowing straight out of Twitter, of businesses that have the problem ServiceChat is designed to solve.  I’m getting the metrics to use in the conversation with these prospective customers. It is providing amazing clarity and insight into the problems and […]

  • My tweets on 2012-12-24

    Amazing conversations and spontaneous interactions on my timeline on 2012-12-24

  • Twittervations On 2012-12-23

    Amazing conversations and spontaneous interactions on my timeline on 2012-12-23

  • What I Said On Twitter On 2012-12-20

    Amazing conversations and spontaneous interactions on my timeline on 2012-12-20