Reading various reports that ‘terrorists’ have threatened to launch terror attacks to disrupt US presidential elections scheduled for November fill me with so much cynicism and immediatedly ignite the torch of consipiracy theories in my brain.

Homeland Security ‘experts’ are exploring the options available to them in the event of such an attack (aside from the obvious – attack Afghanistan, invade Iraq. Perhaps Cuba would now be ‘found’ to have links with al-Qaeda). Critical to this planning is the possibility of postponing the elections, the final major test of Mr Bush’s unpopularity.

The idea that al-qaeda or any other serious-minded terrorist organisation might want to cause a postponement of the US elections fills me with dread. For the simple reason that, Mr Bush should not be offered the opportunity to remain President (which he clearly does not have the aptitude for) for a moment longer than his allotted tenure.

It is often the simplest clearest frauds that are the easiest to get away with. Who would have thought that Hapless George and his team would have the kahones to launch massive and decisive electoral fraud in Florida – his brother’s state. Surely the suspicion would immediately fall on them. But no, kahones they grew and presidency they stole!

So it does not seem impossible to me (cynic and certified conspiracy theorist that I am) that they (HG and his merry madmen) would try to delay the election and perhaps sift another war from the smoke generated.(think illusion here).

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