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I am tired.

I’m tired, very very tired of trying to build startups. So very tired of starting […]

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2016-06-29 14.00.36

I’m delighted by…Shade Station

What:¬†Prescription glasses, Prescription Sunglasses online When: 28th June 2016 Address/Website: 5 things that delighted […]

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2016-06-03 12.55.01

My Camino is over for now. I walked 255 km for ME/CFS

In January 2016, I committed to take my dog – Maya – on a really […]

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I walked 15 km today for Julia and Mandie

Today is my last day of the Camino long walk. For Julia and Mandie Chapman. […]

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Today I walked 24 km for Jennifer Dendor

“The frustration of not being able to scratch an itch, or turn over in bed […]

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Today I walked 30 km for Jenna and Giselle Atkinson

Dealing with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia is not just your personal suffering and your loved ones’- but also […]

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