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I walked 15 km today for Julia and Mandie

Today is my last day of the Camino long walk. For Julia and Mandie Chapman. […]

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Today I walked 24 km for Jennifer Dendor

“The frustration of not being able to scratch an itch, or turn over in bed […]

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Today I walked 30 km for Jenna and Giselle Atkinson

Dealing with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia is not just your personal suffering and your loved ones’- but also […]

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Today I walked 20 km for Ben Howell

Ben Howell shares with us his story today about how he went from a very […]

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Today I walked 30 km for Maria Solano

“Each day is a day working towards recovery and finding theĀ strength I never knew I […]

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I walked 29 km today for Brianna Sutton

“If I decide I want to go out because I’m having a great day, I […]

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